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"The main issue is durability for him at his age now. Speed is not the issue, his weight is down, he's playing as well as he's ever played, but he's got some wear and tear on those knees. To ask him to carry the load, he knows it's not going to be good for him physically. This will allow us to use both of them most effectively and hopefully, potentially, extend his career."
"It's all about the ability to block. It's about who the best hammer is. We've got to have a guy who can knock them out of there."
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"I think he kind of really wants to be back in the action."
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"We lacked discipline. That's coaching. That's me. We need to get a lot more disciplined in every phase."
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"We've been a very young team for a few years now. And a young team kind of lacks direction. I think the leadership that comes with guys that have been in the league playing at such a high level is invaluable."
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"When we drafted these guys No. 1, the first thing everybody said - and I believe it - was that for a tackle, it usually takes three years to really establish yourself."
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"I haven't been feeling good for four or five weeks and there is some type of infection in my body that has gotten worse. They think they've identified what it is."
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"Darn it! ... That's another coach in the league who can coach figure eights around me. But that's okay. There's still plenty of people in this organization on whom to blame defeats. Hey, you! Boy who holds the cords to my headset! It's your fault."
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"That would be unfair to Steve. But if I wanted an open line, isn't that my prerogative as head coach? This is all so bizarre."
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"You are never going to fool Peter. There is nobody in the league that does his homework better than Peter does. He will know everything about you. Whether you sneeze, whether you wheeze, whatever you do. He is going to know everything. Probably as good of film guy as there is in the league on defense. Obviously he plays like that; he just doesn't make any mistakes."
"Matt was exceptional today, best I've ever seen him play. He's playing remarkable football. He's completely given himself over to that coaching staff."
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"We can play power football with him down after down, ... He can take that punishment."
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"We're making progress."
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"We're going to move Adam back to strong safety. When it's all said and done, Adam's probably better down inside than back - particularly in our nickel package. He's such an instinctive and quick read guy in the running game. We miss him being up there."
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"Wherever the ball is, that's where he is. That's the mark of an outstanding player at that position. Wherever the ball is, you'll see his number."
"We've come a long way defensively. We've got a ways to go. But our front seven is terrific."
"I think that has a significant part in [the mistakes]. But I just didn't know it'd be to this extent."
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"My visit with Rod was exceptional. I think he's going to be a superstar. Everybody's got talent, nice facilities and all those kinds of things, but who you work with is critical and that was a big plus."
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"I think if you watch out here in practice, his speed is truly remarkable. The refinement of that position is complete for him. Now it's just how to use him and where to use him and all of those good things."
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"Anytime you lose a player like him it's hard; it's tough. He was just starting to realize his full potential. He's obviously a terrific corner. We'll move on. It just provides an opportunity for somebody else to fill in the ranks and be a good player."
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