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Bernie Bickerstaff Quotes

10 Bernie Bickerstaff quotes:

"You know what he did first tonight was get his teammates involved. I had a conversation with him before the game and I told him I wanted him to play with passion. You have to be who you are."
"We make it hard sometimes. We sit on top of the mountain and don't recognize what you need to do."
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"I told them to have patience."
"When we looked down during the national anthem and saw nine guys, we anticipated trouble. That's what I was afraid of all day. They played like we've played when we've been down and just have eight or nine. They made some unbelievable shots with a hand in their face. There were a couple of possessions that we just couldn't come up with the ball."
"Collectively, the group has been what we wanted them to be in terms of that commitment to effort."
"It's completely up to the doctors, ... I talked with him early this morning and he's just very sore."
"That's my fear. I don't know what to expect. I'm concerned about the necessary distractions."
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"Detroit played with a purpose. They've been struggling a little bit; if you can call 50 wins struggling. They just have too many pieces."
"We still lack the maturity that when you have control of the basketball game, you can't let anybody take you out of it. We had a lead and things started to go awry. We lost our focus."
"We want to build a team that has ability to sustain itself, not just an ability to win a few more games right away. We've studied all the expansion teams. We're working under the idea that it's a marathon, not a sprint."

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