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10 Bob Bradley quotes:

"Landon has the ability to drift wide if he thinks things are tight in the middle. It's just important that as a team we can keep track of him and whoever is called on is ready to deal with him, especially his speed. His timing, his running into the attack is something that works real well for him."
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"In the back I hope that the addition of Claudio Suarez will help because I feel that his experience will go a long way in terms of organization."
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"I think Ryan has experience, he's a good competitor. The question is can his experience and competitiveness help us as we go down the stretch? That's the reason why we picked him up."
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"Our people's standard of living has gone way up. People have been able to buy washers and dryers and cars. They've put new roofs on their homes. We've been able to buy more Christmas gifts than ever before."
"I think (Wynne as first pick) is the general consensus -- most people would say he's the likely No. 1, and he's earned that. He's obviously a special kind of athlete. And when you talk about somebody who can adjust and play right away, his athletic qualities allow him to do that."
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"I think you have to make it a two-way game that puts them under pressure and highlights some of the areas where they are not as strong. Give them credit. They've had a good season. They're a balanced team and work hard. They've got a bunch of players that have been together, know each other and seem to have fun playing together."
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"He's still working his way back into full fitness and it's a wet field, so it didn't feel like it made sense to use him. We'll gauge where he is and hopefully we can keep moving along."
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"We're a different team. We are making progress. That doesn't mean it's always going to happen all at once. The game can be cruel sometimes. I still remind the players that that's true on all levels. I mentioned Bayern Munich-Manchester United to them today because that is one of the most obvious examples."
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"That actually works well but we'll try to keep the rest the same. They had Sunday and Monday off and now we'll work hard through this week. Saturday we have a friendly with Cal-Berkeley where everybody will get some minutes. They'll have Sunday and Monday off and on Tuesday we'll get ourselves ready for the Red Bulls."
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"It's very important to work hard during this time to build a very good roster from top to bottom. We have a big group of players in. There are some that we will quickly let go and we will bring others in and try to use this time to look at different possibilities for how to improve our roster."

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