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"terrible ... We loved when he was in the game."
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"I've been in the game for a while. I've heard 'Belichick' and 'genius' together. I've also heard 'Belichick' and 'moron' together."
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"We gave up big plays, running and passing, and that obviously hurt us,"
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"There certainly was room for improvement there. I'm not saying that was any masterpiece."
"We're looking at another really good football team this week in Denver. They're probably one of the hotter teams in the league right now. They're playing very well in all three phases of the game. They've been a good team to watch just because they're executing so well. They haven't had a turnover in three games."
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"Almost 75 years of football gave him a vast knowledge and reverence historically for the game that very few could match, ... He coached everything, and his ability to teach and interact with people has really come back to me in my lifetime and in the last few days."
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"We're certainly giving up too many big plays in the passing game, ... Some of it was the technique ... our judgment on the ball, sometimes we just didn't use our help, or where our help was supposed to be, it didn't get there quick enough. ... Some of it is tied into the rush, the timing of the rush, when the ball is thrown. ... The quarterback stands back there and pumps three or four times, that's hard for anybody to cover those routes. We just need better overall team defense."
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"It's just an exchange of information with somebody that you have common ground with, ... You talk about things that are successful, and sometimes that has an application to what you're doing."
"Statistically, we're fighting an uphill battle when we're on the negative turnover ratio and winning games, especially on the road, ... That's not normally the correlation. ... Right now, we're in a little bit of a dry spell."
"I found out about it the middle of last night, ... I coached this game with a heavy heart."
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"I coached this game with a heavy heart. My dad passed away. I found out about it the middle of last night."
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"I think everyone's happy to see him out there. But we've got to do our own jobs. We can't just rely on him to show up, and everything falls into place."
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"There's probably more (quality) linebackers than we've had the last couple of years. Some of those guys have had a lot of production, have had a lot of playing time."
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"My father was always just part of the team. He willingly accepted whatever responsibility he was given, whether it was coaching the linebackers or the junior varsity."
"It's hard enough gaining 10 yards on three downs. If you start trying to gain 12 or 13 or 17 on two, then eventually it's probably going to catch up with you."
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"Understanding what not to do sometimes is just as important as what you can do."
"Tell him what you said to the team last night."
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"The overall competitive nature he brings as an owner and as a franchise (still exists),"
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"He's fast and he has good range for the safety position and he's done a good job as a contact player both in hitting and tackling and forcing the run when he's been asked to."
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"We got a good block at the point of attack from Graham. Neal pulled and the safety came up and filled the gap quicker than we expected. That wasn't really the guy Neal was expecting to block but he saw him in the hole and reacted to it and dug him out of there. Matt and Logan (combination-blocked) the tackle up to (middle linebacker Danny) Clark. We didn't quite get Clark blocked, he got over the top, but he wasn't able to get enough on Corey to keep him out."
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