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"The running back situation is a good, competitive one. I think Antowain and Kevin are good players, have good, solid strengths. I think both of those players are going to be productive for us. They have been in the past. How exactly it's going to work out, I don't know. I'm sure it will be decided on the field. We'll do what we think is best for the team."
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"If you don't stop the running game, it doesn't matter whether you can stop the passing game or not. They don't ever have to throw it if they don't want to. To me, against a team like Atlanta, if you can't stop them from running, it doesn't really matter what else happens."
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"We'll try to comply with the rules and if we don't, I'm sure we'll be penalized for it, just like everybody else will."
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"We've always tried to coach and abide by the NFL rules, whatever they are,"
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"Cedric is a guy that has a lot of talent and has had some big time production at Arkansas. He missed a little bit of time but we feel like at that point in the draft that he was a real good value there with the pick. He is an explosive guy that runs well. He can run with power and basically came in and had big production as a freshman and was a four-year producer at Arkansas when he was healthy."
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"I think he probably did a tremendous job in acquiring and developing talent in the '70s and '80s, a lot of them from small schools,"
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"There's a lot of love between us -- me, Charlie, Romeo. We've been together with the Giants, the Patriots, the Jets and the Patriots again. For it to be able to end this way ... the only word I can think of is 'special.'"
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"We're not on a sightseeing tour here. We have a job to do. We all have something that we want to try to accomplish. That's really what we're going there for. Understanding what the setting is and what the stadium is and all of that, yes, we are all aware of that."
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"Rodney is one of our leaders. If he's out, the next guy's in. It's what we've had to deal with."
"That's a game-breaking skill, but along with that, he has a lot of power. He's good on the goal line and short-yardage situations. (He's) tough to tackle. He's fast, (has) good hands (and) is pretty good in blitz pickup. He does a good job."
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"normal week of practice."
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"We'll worry about next week next week."
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"You can?t worry too much about other guys on your team and what their situation is because you can go out there the first day of training camp and that could change on one play. I don?t feel like we can look at it that way - and we don?t."
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"I think practice preparation is always an indicator of game performance - not necessarily 100 percent, because there are still a lot of variables there, but it?s still an indicator,"
"But again, I think that's consistent with his philosophy, ... Whatever Al's philosophy is, it's been pretty consistent through the years, be it the type of players he gets to play corner(back), the coaches, their style of play, what he wears. It's all consistent."
"They're 12-4. If the playoffs weren't set up the way they were, they'd probably be playing at home, (but) they're in the same division as Indianapolis."
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"You know where I stand on that. Could I have been any further away from the play?"

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