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"He's got some ability, even though the batting average has been low. We'll see what he can do and whether he can help us."
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"[The Dodgers continued to tell the Yankees that the deal would take place. The teams reached a formal agreement on Monday at midnight, but the Dodgers added a wrinkle: all players must take physicals by 5 p.m. on Wednesday.] There was an issue for one of the clubs that they wanted physicals to take place, ... It was Monday at midnight, and the only way it could work is if you could take the physical by a certain time on Wednesday. And that was not feasible."
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"These guys have been huge for us, no doubt about it. Wang and Cano could have been had in the past, but they can't be had now."
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"I trust Randy. Randy says he's not hurt [and] I have no reason to doubt him."
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"It took us a long time for some reason to get together and push in the right direction,"
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"He hasn't performed to his expectation or ours, but that's not something that hasn't happened before, either."
"We've always considered Roger a Yankee. If he decides to play, he'll give us the courtesy of an audience. We'll have to take a look at it when the time comes."
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"I know Hideki wanted to stay and we wanted to keep him, and that created a great environment for us to get it done. Thankfully, we got it done with a few hours to spare."
"There is a business side that comes along with us because of his status. That?s certainly a factor in this."
"He provides a lot of interest from Japan. What generally sells -- because we?re a business -- is team and winning,"
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"He's a real quality baseball man. He's been a big asset for us this year. I know he hasn't had any managerial experience but he's managed the game behind the plate for so many years that I think it makes up for a lot."
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"Nothing official. Just a good conversation letting him know where we're at."
"I just know the desire was very strong for him to keep playing. He believes without question he has a lot to offer."
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"It was never discussed. I just know that the desire was very strong for him to keep playing. He believes, without question, that he's got a lot to offer. We're not bringing him back just because he wants to come back; we feel he can be a contributor as well."
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"We'll need choices. We always do."
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"Let's get what we can get accomplished and let's concentrate on the future at a more appropriate time, which is after we get through the season."
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"I'm not commenting on anything regarding my future. I've asked that we wait until after the season to discuss all that, and the way we're going to handle it."
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"He's been heaven sent."
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"Before we progress, we want the specialist to make sure there's nothing we're not missing. We're not going to do anything until the back specialist has a chance to give his opinion, tell us there's nothing going on."
"Joe has a great deal of trust in him. Joe has worked close with Ron for a number of years, and he's been talking to him for three years about replacing Mel when Mel decided to retire. This is the man he wanted."
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