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Charles Ramsey Quotes

7 Charles Ramsey quotes:

"how much we're praying for all of them to get through this."
Author: Ramsey Quotes Category: Prayer Quotes
"It certainly is getting to a point now where it's kind of baffling because we don't have any information one way or another, so we can't really narrowly focus,"
Author: Ramsey Quotes Category: Information Quotes
"These groups have been in conflict for a good part of the afternoon, going at one another. But it wasn't until they were put out of the zoo and they were standing on Connecticut Avenue, one group on the west side of the street, one on the east side, that they started throwing bottles back and forth, and then someone pulled a gun and then began firing at the crowd,"
Author: Ramsey Quotes Category: Conflict Quotes
"It just makes it more difficult, ... It makes it more complicated. It just hampers your ability to investigate."
Author: Ramsey Quotes Category: Ability Quotes
"signs of a struggle, other types of evidence, blood, skin or tissue -- things of that nature that could point to something happening that was unusual and that might all point toward foul play."
Author: Ramsey Quotes Category: Blood Quotes
"Obviously, we wished we found the body earlier, but we didn't, ... Critics can be critics, and I guess they've got something to be critical about."
Author: Ramsey Quotes Category: Body Quotes
"It was our failure to execute. We had opportunities at the end, but we didn't execute them to give ourselves an opportunity [to win]. You have to execute."
Author: Ramsey Quotes Category: Failure Quotes

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