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4 Tim Lyons quotes:

"Rock climbers and gymnasts are involved in challenging activities that require the absolute safest environment. We provide that at all times and without cutting any corners."
Author: Lyons Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"Ocean State School of Gymnastics has a 25-year history of quality instruction and safety from highly trained instructors and coaches. We brought that same tradition to our rock climbing business. All our instructors have been trained and safety certified."
Author: Lyons Quotes Category: History Quotes
"Climbing is a great sport for all kids. Not only does it help for physical fitness, it also develops a high level of self-confidence. Once kids begin climbing they develop a strong positive attitude, and a willingness to take on challenges both physical and mental that might have scared them away before they learned to climb. Parents tell us their kids often do better in school after they go climbing."
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"We're developing these high-performance products to enhance our private-label brands."
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