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25 David Cole quotes:

"At both companies, they're very much attacking the culture of the organization. I think they've got real possibilities."
Author: Cole Quotes Category: Culture Quotes
"I can't believe he'd make an announcement of that without labor being supportive of it. They (the union) are in a position where they are very vulnerable. Without strong employers, their job protections don't mean anything."
Author: Cole Quotes Category: Labor Quotes
"Reality becomes starker as the deadline approaches."
Author: Cole Quotes Category: Reality Quotes
"Neither of these are particularly sensitive to the economics. They have other reasons why they're buying this. There's a question as to how large those groups are, but once you get to more mainstream buying groups, then economics really begins to take over as a primary factor in that decision."
"One thing they are better able to do is listen to buyers more accurately, ... If you can design it fast and build it quickly on a flexible production line, your risks of putting it in the market are greatly reduced."
Author: Cole Quotes Category: Design Quotes
"The delay is a good thing; it means there's room for a deal here."
Author: Cole Quotes Category: Delay Quotes
"What everyone wants, the judge as well as GM and Delphi, what they want is to come to an agreement that is mutually acceptable. That is what's still in the cards."
Author: Cole Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"Any kind of restructuring like this is a very holistic kind of thing where nothing is really sacred."
Author: Cole Quotes Category: Kindness Quotes
"We saw resistance to the initial Korean cars, but that was mainly related to quality. If the quality (of Chinese cars) is up to snuff, if the consumer feels there's value, they'll go for it."
Author: Cole Quotes Category: Quality Quotes
"(An agreement) is very complicated, but doable."
Author: Cole Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"I find it shocking that in the United States of America in 1999 people can be locked up for years at a time without having the most basic opportunity to confront the evidence against him."
Author: Cole Quotes Category: America Quotes
"Low risk is something we generally recommend that users can ignore. Medium risk is something we quarantine, and high risk is something we automatically remove."
Author: Cole Quotes Category: Risk Quotes
"They've got to create alignment between capacity and sales volume."
Author: Cole Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"It's becoming a lot bigger than it could have been, ... I think the union's intention was to get this over."
Author: Cole Quotes Category: Intention Quotes
"Bill Ford's philosophy is that he wants a team at the top of the pyramid,"
Author: Cole Quotes Category: Philosophy Quotes
"I think the biggest risk is that Gore tends to be a little less practical in his approach."
Author: Cole Quotes Category: Risk Quotes
"There are no secrets. You can't hide anything."
Author: Cole Quotes Category: Secrets Quotes
"It's becoming a lot bigger than it could have been. I think the union's intention was to get this over."
"If they're successful at getting leaner and more flexible as they talk about, it gives them ability to adapt to the market."
Author: Cole Quotes Category: Ability Quotes
"I hope that they will extend their investigation to include Rutgers and other state schools because the cases of conflict are shockingly similar,"
Author: Cole Quotes Category: Conflict Quotes

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