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13 Dirk Benedict quotes:

"Months of working on The A-Team had not made me happier or more contented. It has challenged my ability to remain so. The hours of waiting, talking and thinking on the set needed to be balanced."
Author: Benedict Quotes Category: Ability Quotes
"From Fred Astaire I learned discipline and hard work."
"I'm a classic example of what can happen if you follow your inner voice. I was cursed with interests and some talent in many different areas. It confuses people."
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"Many people are shy when it comes to getting out on a dance floor. Dancing is an activity that... reveals your inner self, whether you like it, or know it, or not. It is hard to fake it on a dance floor."
"Dancing. my favorite social event."
"People think surviving cancer is tough, or surviving a divorce, but NOTHING compares with fighting with American Culture when you want to raise your kids free of junk food. Read Junk Food Nation. A great book."
Author: Benedict Quotes Category: Cancer Quotes
"You can't leave civilization behind entirely."
"We had many intellectuals and industry people who looked down on us, as if it were beneath them to even watch us. Nowadays, those comparisons aren't made."
"Hollywood... a city I was to come back to time and again, in sickness and in health, in success and in failure, with anticipation and with dread."
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"I loved sitting on my veranda sipping quality scotch, puffing a Cuban cigar and watching Cuba on the horizon, or the oceanic vista. Did this late in the evenings many times."
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"The beef, venison and elk vibrations of my first 22 years were still very much controlling the nature of my day-to-day activities. Arthritis was my morning wake-up call, mood swings between ecstasy and despair my daily state of mind, and Scotch my release from it all."
Author: Benedict Quotes Category: Nature Quotes
"The space genre is timeless."
Author: Benedict Quotes Category: Space Quotes
"I went from being a big TV star on the lot, with my own parking space, my own table in the commissary, to a complete nobody! When I went to get my stuff, they wouldn't let me on the lot."
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