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"Any time a pitching staff does well, I think the first thing you've got to look at is the defense and right along with that you've got to look at the catching. The catcher holds the brain. He's the guy that everybody is looking at to be the leader and take control of the game and keep that pace going. With A.J. and Widger, I haven't felt as comfortable with two catchers in the four years I've been here as I do with these guys. They remember the game plan and they carry it out. That's one of the reasons why we've had the kind of pitching staff we've had this year."
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"I don't [care] what he uses, as long as at the end of the night we've got six, seven, eight innings out of his [butt] with a chance to win the game. We've been picking it up as a staff. It would be great to get another little shot in the arm where, 'Hey, Garland is getting it going boys. Here's another guy on board."
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"He's got toughness, heart and he's pretty calm. He's been in some pretty big moments for a 24-year-old guy coming up from Double-A. And he's really handled it."
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"I bet if you asked McCarthy about pitching in the bullpen, developing, getting his feet wet and learning a new tool to make himself an asset to the organization and to benefit himself, or whether he wants to go to Triple-A and pitch, you know the answer."
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"He's a man-child. He's a man-child that got a man's save [pitching two innings] a couple of days ago."
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"He's a good, quality guy, and we have to get him back to when he was at his best, which looks like when he was with Montreal. It's nice to have that sort of quality you can count on. Every time we ran out one of our six starters last year, we felt like we had a chance to win. There's no change at all with this group."
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"The level of competition in Cuba isn't the same as it is in the major leagues. It's about Triple-A. Contreras went (to New York) and was expected to win right away and that wasn't realistic."
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"Let's face it, there was a lot of criticism when he started in New York. I've been saying, if that would have ruined his career, then he's not the guy we thought he was anyway. And we've all seen first-hand that's not the case."
"His confidence is where it needs to be."
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"All of our guys have the ability if they are behind in the counts to go soft,"
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"We're just like 'Boys Town,' ... We believe there's no such thing as a bad boy."
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"We just kept making quality pitches against a quality lineup,"
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"They went through the last two years something I wouldn't wish on anybody because of all their physical problems, ... That's an amazing job Mel did. Maybe the only job in baseball as complicated as managing the Yankees is being pitching coach for the Yankees."
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