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19 Dwane Casey quotes:

"He's a handful for us down there wrestling with him. He's really played well and been a force."
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"They would have laughed if you walked in with long shorts."
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"As the season goes on, that's going to be the recipe for him, cutting back his practice time. If you're a 10-year veteran, there are not a lot of new things you're going to learn."
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"That's going to be an ongoing struggle with him, because he wants to be out there for 48."
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"Earl came in and changed the game. He has the speed and the ability to push the ball after makes and misses. He pressured full court and did all the things that you want your point guard to do."
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"Justin has grown by leaps and bounds. Playing with his type of energy is an NBA skill. I've had players like that before (in Seattle) ? Reggie Evans, Ruben Patterson. In those guys' careers, they've always been underestimated as far as what they bring to the table."
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"Same story in the third quarter, we had a tough third quarter, execution-wise and scoring-wise. They went on a 14-point run. I think we had a lead almost every game on this road trip in the first half. In the third quarter, I don't know where we go to. We go stagnant in the third quarter."
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"Everybody's going to make a run and when they did, we didn't collapse. It's not fun losing the lead, but the important thing is that we didn't give in."
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"The expectation level is sky-high for all of us. Their goal was to win the division, thinking they could run away with it like we did last year. I don't know if that's a realistic goal."
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"Right now, Marcus is our point guard. Marko continues to work. I think that competition makes your team better. Right now, Marcus is doing a good job and has done nothing wrong to lose his position."
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"I want to win, for these young guys. If they go out and beat Memphis, we'll deal with the consequences later."
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"Kevin has opinions and is frustrated. We're all frustrated. We're not happy with where we are. Nobody wants to not be fighting for the division lead. I think he just spoke his mind on the feeling of everyone, from (owner) Glen Taylor all the way down to our trainer."
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"I don't think the commissioner had any race intentions whatsoever with the new dress code. I just think he's trying to improve the image."
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"That's something you don't want to happen in sports. Nobody feels worse about it than Kevin."
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"We could've benefited from it, but we made a different trade."
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"You lose that many close games, it will shake your confidence."
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"Kevin has never said, 'I don't like who we have, I don't like you as a coach, I don't want this coach. I've known Kevin for a while. He and I hit it off right from the start. To say there's not going to be bumps in the road - there's always going to be bumps in the road in any relationship. But it's always a matter of respect. Like I told him the first time I met him, if there's one player in this league that I would pay to watch play, it would be him. Because he brings it every night."
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"I thought we had a quality, quality game tonight. Guys played to win down the stretch ? except execution and closing out games, on both ends of the floor."
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"You don't want something like that to happen in sports. But nobody feels worse than Kevin."
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