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"I think we ran out of gas with just eight players. We need to use depth to our advantage."
"She competes very hard. There's an aggressiveness about her that, beyond her passing and scoring ability, is something you just can't teach."
"I knew they were going to come out fighting and battling and they did. When you've got a team with such tradition and at home, it's a very dangerous combination."
"They avoid conflict as long as possible,"
"They avoid conflict as long as possible. Then they explode in stressful situations like when it's a tie game, when you need a cohesive unit."
"We can usually count on [Currie] for her consistency. Tonight she had one of those nights that every player has, and I think it's a tribute to the depth and strength of our team that we have other players who can step forward."
"Obviously, we've got to do a better job of taking care of the basketball. I'm not quite sure why we're turning the ball over more now. I don't think we're seeing any greater pressure than we're seeing all year long. I just think we're not as focused as we need to be and not making great decisions with the basketball."
"When we played there a couple of years ago, I was really impressed with their fans because I felt like they were knowledgeable but not out of control. It didn't feel intimidating to me. It just felt like a great basketball game with good, appreciative fans. It was a different feeling than some places you go to."
"The fact that they are playing with great freedom -- they seem to have a chip on their shoulder while they've been here, talking about respect. I don't think that anyone now could possibly not respect them. It would be interesting to see if they can still say that because, in my mind, they've beaten the No. 1 team (North Carolina) in the country twice so I see them right now as the No. 1 team in the country."
"Mo has always been the tough one on the team and she leads by example with her toughness, but this year she's become a much better communicator with her teammates because she knows we're young and she needs to be very positive with them as well. All of the players have remarked that she's become a great leader for us. She really wanted to become a great leader and now she has the freedom to lead a little bit more than she felt she had in the past."
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"I would love to have Alana for the rest of my life. I think I was just very fortunate to have her for four years. When you have someone that special to get to spend four years with, while helping them learn and grow, it is special. It was her time to go and it's someone else's time to shine. I don't think it's one person in particular but maybe just this team in general."
"I'm glad they didn't. Personally, I wish our [rules] and the men's game were the same."
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"We haven't talked about being undefeated. We can't really worry about the big picture now. We're so focused on the next game at hand."
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