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10 Gordon Strachan quotes:

"He's one of the best young players in Scotland and the price wasn't extortionate. He has ability and he's willing to learn. This signing also brings down the average age of the team."
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"Apart from not taking advantage of the good crossing positions we got into, we also need a better shape,"
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"It would have been a benefit to me and the lads in some way in terms of playing in it. I hope we can play with a full deck of cards next time."
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"The lines of communication have been down for a while now, to be honest,"
"We're back in terms of freshness and imagination and touch. We were a wee bit nervy near the end when they scored but I think we all agreed the game should have been all over and done with."
"We went over the goals again with the players this morning,"
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"Honestly, I have had more trouble with blackheads."
Author: Strachan Quotes Category: Trouble Quotes
"We're a fair bit off the vision I have for the club that's for sure,"
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"It would be good for everybody, although we would have to make sure the rest of the Scottish league would be safe and prosper,"
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"I don't want it to be something that you couldn't offer to his memory. You couldn't have that for Jimmy Johnstone. I'd want to dedicate something of beauty and not a horrendous performance."
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