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Peter Judge Quotes

9 Peter Judge quotes:

"Absolutely. We're keeping score. At the very least...you kind of check off in your own mind, that's how they did it, is our plan similar or different? Or (would) our plan have worked differently?"
Author: Judge Quotes Category: Mind Quotes
"Most of the teams are really starting to grasp the concept of performance on demand rather than just showing up. I hope Canadians understand this is about performance. It's about carrying the Canadian flag on a bigger playing field and not just the symbolic carrying of the flag in the opening ceremony."
Author: Judge Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"It's really important to educate yourself and your family. It behooves you to read and understand that calendar."
Author: Judge Quotes Category: Family Quotes
"They are working upstream with dams that hold back other ponds and other lakes. They are trying to slow the other water down. But it is not going to be a solution because there is only minimal amount of capacity up there."
Author: Judge Quotes Category: Trying Quotes
"There's the potential for all sorts of problems all over the state."
Author: Judge Quotes Category: Potential Quotes
"We came here to win medals; when my guys are in tears it's tough."
Author: Judge Quotes Category: Athletics Quotes Tears Quotes
"If this were a Tuesday, we might be dealing with all sorts of trouble. But thankfully, residents can stay inside and just watch the white stuff from their windows -- and that's what we want them to do."
Author: Judge Quotes Category: Trouble Quotes
"Sports that haven't been producing medals before are producing medals now."
Author: Judge Quotes Category: Sports Quotes
"Big-term events, whether 9/11 or a hurricane -- everybody learns from what went wrong or what went right."
Author: Judge Quotes Category: Events Quotes

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