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25 Jack McKeon quotes:

"We had a major breakdown on defense. The Department of Defense wasn't in action tonight."
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"He certainly has enough ability to be one of the top pitchers in the league, but you also have to be focused."
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"No doubt in my mind he's the MVP in this league. I'm so proud of him because he's such a class individual, goes about his work in a very businesslike manner. No fanfare with him. ... You get through a dogfight like we did in 2003 with guys like Lee."
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"What can you say? No doubt in my mind, [he's] the MVP of this league,"
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"This guy has the poise, the know-how, the confidence. You can't say enough good things about the kid."
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"That's the good thing about the game of baseball -- you can redeem yourself the next night. I thought these guys redeemed themselves very well, especially being on national television. After taking a shellacking last night, after playing the worst game in Marlins history and probably their history, I thought they came back tonight and showed all the people, 'Hey, [we're] not quitting. [We're] not giving up.' We may get beat, but we're not giving up."
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"We still want to beat him, but we understand he pitched under tough circumstances. He certainly was the same old Roger Clemens, the Hall of Famer."
"This game, funny things happen. Somebody gets injured, somebody gets cold with the bat, and somebody jumps in and takes advantage of the opportunity. You know, like Cabrera did, Willis did, Vargas did."
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"It's tough. It shouldn't be [like that], but it is. You're getting in these 2-1 games and you never have anyone to pop one out and give a two- or three-run cushion. Every game it's magnified because one mistake by [the bullpen] and you're out of the game."
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"Too many bases on balls are going to hurt you. He wasn't on his game."
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"I like my players to use their imagination. I don't like pushing buttons, like they're robots, ... I want them to get smarter."
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"That's not one of my goals,"
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"You have to know he was in a lot of grief. But he's a pro. He's always the same old Roger. He's a first-ballot Hall of Famer."
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"I didn't see it. I saw a guy in the upper deck trying to catch it."
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"He was looking for trouble. What is this game turning out to be? It used to be you could argue and have some fun. Today you can't say a word. We've got to sit in the dugout with our Sunday school Bibles."
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"It's like making a trade."
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"They did a good job, both Pierre and Conine, of getting on base and setting things up for the rest of the guys. Pierre's a big factor is helping us score. [Conine] is a good RBI guy, he showed that today."
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"I'm not running a kindergarten here where I have to go ask permission to win a game, ... I think Tony LaRussa said it best. He said, 'How you perform will determine where you hit in the lineup.'"
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"You have rules, and you expect each player to do what he's expected to do. When they don't, you do something about it. When you do, you're a bad guy."
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"I had to go with a lot of young guys, which is something I like, ... I don't mind that at all. The problem is, when they all get good, you're gone."
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