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Jeff Lebo Quotes

9 Jeff Lebo quotes:

"It was quiet. Nobody said a whole lot. That was the first real heartbreak that our kids had this season."
Author: Lebo Quotes Category: Heartbreak Quotes
"It's always tricky when you come back from Christmas. We'll have three days to get ready. Hopefully, we'll get the cobwebs out and get ready to go to work."
Author: Lebo Quotes Category: Christmas Quotes
"We asked him to do a lot. He's a kid that's really matured before our eyes. For a team so young, we needed someone to do that."
Author: Lebo Quotes Category: Eyes Quotes
"They have big players who dominate inside. What makes Glen so good is his ability to move his feet. You don't see guys who move their feet at that size. We'll be in for an unbelievable battle inside."
Author: Lebo Quotes Category: Ability Quotes
"Once we broke the press, we did good things. We don't score 64 points in some games."
Author: Lebo Quotes Category: Games Quotes
"We knew year two would be tougher than year one. We made progress and that's what we were hoping for."
Author: Lebo Quotes Category: Progress Quotes
"It's an unfortunate situation, but there is no player above the team rules. We are all disappointed, and hopefully Josh will learn from this."
Author: Lebo Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"It helps, no doubt about it. We still have areas we struggle in, but it helps to have a win. When we study film, there's a different look in their eye after a win."
Author: Lebo Quotes Category: Doubt Quotes
"We played better and with more enthusiasm and tougher the last few games. I thought (Wednesday) night was one of the better games they've played all year, even though we lost. We competed hard. We battled, we scratched, we clawed, we kicked, we grabbed. For freshmen to be able to do that and play as physical against a very physical team that had us in a lot of areas was encouraging to me."
Author: Lebo Quotes Category: Enthusiasm Quotes

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