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60 Jim Tracy quotes:

"I don't think it's any more daunting than some of the challenges we have faced up to this point. We have seen some awfully good pitching."
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"He deserved a much better fate."
Author: Tracy Quotes Category: Fate Quotes
"He is not swinging completely pain-free, ... He does have some soreness and stiffness."
Author: Tracy Quotes Category: Pain Quotes
"I saw a guy, when I watched on television, who really liked the arena he was in. He had a face on him that said, 'I accept this challenge here.' You like that."
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"He's progressing as you would like to see a young catcher progress. He's making some very nice strides."
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"This guy has got a lot of mileage out of the ability he possesses. He becomes a better player when you're able to work within the framework of his ability."
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"He played terrific. Like he hadn't missed a beat. He handled the ground balls in the field flawlessly, just like I've seen him do for a number of years."
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"With the little bit of conversation I heard that took place between Sean and (head trainer) Brad Henderson, you knew it was something more than a guy getting the wind knocked out of him. Each of the first three times he got up, he felt shooting pains going down his back."
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"We had an opportunity in the first inning to get the game headed in the direction we wanted to and they got Jeff [Kent] to hit into the double play. From that point on, Jae Seo was in control of the game. He was throwing his offspeed pitches for strikes all day long in hitters' counts."
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"For a kid his age, he's off the charts. He's going to be a good -- make that really good -- Major League baseball player some day."
"I can sit here and know wholeheartedly that I've given it everything I could possibly give. I've put my heart and soul into this."
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"He had a shooting pain that was really bothering him."
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"I felt like we had a very good meeting. I think that the foundation is there from an understanding of what it is that we're trying to accomplish. If you were in there and you were paying attention, it should be pretty clear to you as to the direction that we're headed."
"Our approach in any situation like that this early in the spring is to err on the side of caution."
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"Of course, there is going to be some emotion on my part when I look over to the other dugout and see some people who I have great feeling for."
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"We still have not determined some things as far as how we're going to line our pitching up."
"It has been tremendous. The work ethic that has been put forth has been just great. The environment was very loose, which is what I like to see, and yet within the framework of that looseness was a very businesslike approach."
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"It was a great pitch. There's only one guy in the game that could have hit it."
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"It wasn't a ploy, it was heartfelt and something I felt that from a continuity standpoint, I have strong ideas on what is necessary. Familiarity and continuity are certainly two intangibles that are absolute musts for a club to be successful."
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"I'm seeing good signs of improvement."
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