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"They're all tied together: taxes, Medicare, Social Security, and the debt. We've got to have a setting of priorities, and looking at it -- at each of them as disconnected, I think, doesn't properly address these major challenges."
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"He's got principle. He's got determination and he's got guts to take on the special interests,"
"To look back with any anger or any rancor would be a mistake for me and for Governor Bush. I hold no rancor."
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"Sometimes, we cast votes in anger at the process, ... We felt shut out at not being able to amend or make our own proposals."
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"This will just remind us of the great time we had. But there's no anger. We've got to look forward."
Author: McCain Quotes Category: Anger Quotes
"What evidence do we have that states are incapable of further exercising an authority they have exercised successfully for over 200 years?"
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"I would argue that five years ago this couldn't have happened because one corporation wouldn't have had this much authority or concentration of power,"
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"Let us have the administration come to Congress. I think they will get that authority, whatever is reasonable and needed, and increased abilities to monitor communications are clearly in order."
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"has not wavered, he has not flinched from the hard choices, he was determined and remains determined to make this world a better, safer, freer place. He deserves not only our support but our admiration."
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"It is full of foolishness,"
"I am prepared. I am prepared. I need no on-the-job training. I wasn't a mayor for a short period of time. I wasn't a governor for a short period of time."
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"If you have a problem, I hope you have a little more privacy than I had."
Author: McCain Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"We won because we're going to take the government out of the hands of the special interests and give it back to you,"
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"Having encountered the influence of the special interests, especially the tobacco companies ... in a $50 million campaign, I'm not optimistic that we will be able to get that done,"
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"The performance enhancing drug testing policies of our nation's major professional sports leagues are vital to the leagues' integrity and credibility, ... Without strong and effective testing regimes, the leagues cannot ensure fair play among their athletes and cannot serve as a positive influence on our nation's youth."
Author: McCain Quotes Category: Integrity Quotes
"This man is fully prepared, ... He is fully prepared to restore integrity and respect to the White House of the United States of America."
Author: McCain Quotes Category: Integrity Quotes
"Were there intelligence failures? Yes, ... Were they colossal? Yes. But they do not mean in any way that the president lied to the American people."
"(The museum) means a time of remembrance of those who have been deprived of their freedom all throughout our nation's history, ... It is also a celebration of the courage and the dignity and the honor that has been associated with the enormous sacrifices made."
Author: McCain Quotes Category: Freedom Quotes
"They're trying to split the baby, ... and I don't think they can do that."
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"We cannot forever hide the truth about ourselves, from ourselves."
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