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12 Julie Myers quotes:

"She's so athletic. She's probably a little quicker and faster than I remembered her from camp. But her ability to score and to make an offense work has just been an awesome addition to the attack."
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"Document fraud has become an epidemic in this country. Clearly, we have our work cut out for us."
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"At a time when our troops in Iraq need all the body armor they can get, it is extremely troubling to see bulletproof vests destined for those troops being stolen from our military bases at home for resale to the public."
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"Our defense stepped up. They came up big with the stick checks and some great double teams. Ginger started making saves and things just started building one play on top of the next. Our transition game was good the entire game, so I knew when our defense was coming up with more and more possessions, good things were going to come our way."
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"Agents on the task force found six kits to assemble fully automatic weapons as well as roughly 20 assembled weapons, including AK-47s, AR-15 assault rifles, hunting rifles and pistols."
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"ICE has no tolerance for corporate officers who harbor illegal aliens for their work force."
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"It feels good to score that many goals and generate some offense. I'm disappointed where we let Syracuse score so many at the end, but overall I'm pleased with our effort."
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"Nine goals could be enough if we were making saves at the other end. But when we're not making many saves, if any at all, we need to make sure our shots count."
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"the key, she was central to the grand jury investigation. The information she had -- it might have been that someone was innocent or that someone did something wrongfully -- but she had information, no doubt about it."
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"We are still investigating how these items were to be used, but you can rest assured they were not for peaceful purposes."
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"This was highly organized. They were very concerned about security, and so in some instances they would ask for certain things in order to prove that you weren't law enforcement and that you actually wanted to get in the room. They would ask to actually see something that was ongoing."
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"Everybody was standing and hoping for Tyler to do it. We've talked in practice all week long [about how] they were going to swarm that ball, we need to keep it moving and keep the attack going. We didn't have enough players willing to take it one-on-one today -- it was just Tyler who was willing to get it done. I think she was almost able to do it."
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