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Ken Hitchcock Quotes

32 Ken Hitchcock quotes:

"That's just the reality of the game right now. [Power plays] are a hard read, but when you start seeing numbers like eight or nine [penalties a game], I think the percentages are going to go down."
Author: Hitchcock Quotes Category: Power Quotes
"He was happier on that side and as a result, he was exceptional in practice (Wednesday). He likes the left a lot more because he thinks it helps his confidence and speed."
Author: Hitchcock Quotes Category: Practice Quotes
"I think we were overwhelmed the first 10 minutes. That's my responsibility. We were embarrassed, embarrassed by the way we performed and embarrassed by the way we finished the hockey game."
"We?re going to have to make some adjustments. We honestly don?t know how this is going to work for us until we play some exhibition games."
Author: Hitchcock Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"I don't think that stuff is relevant because some of [them] were overtime losses. I worry about the response after a win. My major focus is, how do we respond after a big game? We have had lots of big wins but we have not always responded well."
Author: Hitchcock Quotes Category: Worry Quotes
"If you can't get ready for the best team in the league, you're in trouble. They've taken on all comers this year and they've really eaten up some teams. I don't know whether it's the fear of getting embarrassed, but we've got a lot of competitive guys and we love to play in these type of games."
Author: Hitchcock Quotes Category: Trouble Quotes
"They pushed the level out there. It's not about whether we can keep up. We don't have a choice."
Author: Hitchcock Quotes Category: Choice Quotes
"That second period felt like the longest period I've ever been through as a coach. The first question was whether we could skate with them. We can. They've got speed and so do we."
Author: Hitchcock Quotes Category: Coach Quotes
"We've had to overcome adversity the whole season."
"Their determination defensively was a little better than ours was offensively. Overall, they were all committed physically. We were one chance and out."
"This is a huge deal for the players. For once in their lives, they get to feel like an athlete, not an entertainment machine. They live with everyone else from different sports. They get to represent their countries, which is the biggest thing for these players. From the experiences of '98 and '02, this is a big thing."
"We feel confident in his ability. He has the speed to get up on the attack."
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