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5 Richard Castellini quotes:

"We're using the Super Bowl experience to broaden brand experience and to further drive traffic to our online activities. The Super Bowl is like the cherry on top of our online (activities). It's an expensive cherry. Don't get me wrong."
"It is a little juvenile, but it is a fun way of engaging in the brand."
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"The experience of people online is that you can convey the information more quickly, easily and deeply than you can in other mediums. Not to say the 30-second spot is going to go away in its entirety — it's just going to be augmented by other forms of marketing."
"The chimps will be back in some fashion."
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"The success of our creative is driven by the right blend of humor with a memorable message that resonates with a wide audience. Everyone can relate to working with a bunch of monkeys on some level. We appreciate the honors and look forward to building on the momentum we created this year in 2006 as we tackle the Super Bowl and other major events once again."

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