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"[Starting for the Canadian Olympic team has given Martin Brodeur a distinct advantage. He was the first goalie to get the NHL's newly legislated smaller pads, pants, and other gear.] Goalies that like to react to pucks won't have a problem, ... Those goalies that block shots instead of stopping shots, will find it's going to be a little tougher for them, especially in close."
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"[Devils netminder Martin Brodeur said the team is prepared for Stevens' absence, having learned how to play without him for much of the last NHL season.] We got used to not having him around, ... We really have a sense of what it's going to be like without Scott Stevens. At the same time we're going to have to learn about life without Scott Niedermayer, too. It's two tough blows to take..."
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"Definitely it was key not having him around. We took advantage of him not being around. That's good."
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"I saw everybody in front of me, and their eyes were going crazy. It was a scary five or six seconds. They finally told us there was a mechanical problem and they couldn't get the plane in the air."
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"He's not the quickest guy out there. He does it with experience. And you can't buy experience."
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"It was a good experience for me just to meet him. He's a real gentleman, a nice guy. There's not a bad thing I could say about the guy."
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"We've still got a lot of time before they exercise their option."
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"It is important that we have a balanced squad, youth blending with experience."
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"He's a young guy. When you have the privilege of playing for the greatest hockey country, there are only so many players. It's not that he's not worth being there, it's just because he's in a situation that Team Canada has a new wave of young players."
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"We're going to get through this crisis we have now."
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"Definitely, it's a little crisis. It's not the end of the world."
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"I think there was a big transition in Canada, having younger guys being part of Team Canada now. I think it's nice we had a chance to perform with each other. At least you don't come in and it's a brand-new atmosphere. Now Team Canada has been doing these pre-Olympic training camps in the summer also, where we got together. I think everybody's really anxious to see each other again."
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"This is going to be such a huge event for my family, my friends. It's going to be such a fun experience. My dad won a bronze in 1956 and now, 50 years later, going back to the same country, I'm going to try and win a medal as well."
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"While you're fighting for a playoff spot, you might as well try to get the best spot possible."
"[The NHL testing] just started in January, so it's OK. It's flushed out of his body, but from now on, the guy's got to be careful. Everybody is educated now. It's not like you don't know. Now, you have to know. That's your responsibility as an athlete. I think his was just an unfortunate situation that happened to him that's really isolated -- I hope."
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"My skate got caught and I twisted it. I heard it twist and I couldn't get up. All my body weight fell on it. I had to be really hurt to leave the game. We were still in the game at that point."
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"I don't think you can blame the new guys for the way we've been playing."
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"We're going to have a good competition and that's what you want."
"We have no excuse to not get back to where we were at or even better. I think the competition will be greater from now on because of the stretch drive. Some teams are going to try to secure playoff spots. Some teams are going to try to get back in the mix. Some teams, like us, are trying to stay alive and move up with the big guys."
"I could have stayed in. It was my choice. When the team is struggling, why be in there for the sake of being there?"
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