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9 Abdel Alani quotes:

"The trial would proceed in the absence of the defendant because the defendant would refuse to cooperate. They might as well sentence them without a trial."
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"The man has been denied legal access, he has not been given enough legal advice or told of his rights, and he can't see the lawyer of his choice. That is not how it works."
Author: Alani Quotes Category: Advice Quotes
"They have more than one counsel in every country claiming to represent him. This can lead to conflicting legal opinion that may damage the interest of the client."
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"The defense team has not yet been finalized. It will be made public when the accused (Saddam) gives his approval to the new team."
Author: Alani Quotes Category: Approval Quotes
"This move is to put the defense team on a proper legal foundation and when the family appoints lawyers it then knows who is whom."
Author: Alani Quotes Category: Defense Quotes
"This capable team will be entrusted with preparing the defense case when the trial begins and disputing its legality and procedures that deny the President justice."
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"We have formed a legal defense team that includes prominent American, European, Asian and Arab lawyers who were chosen on the basis of competence and merit to put up a strong defense."
Author: Alani Quotes Category: Defense Quotes
"The meeting took place on Monday, but I'm not at liberty to disclose the contents of the talks."
Author: Alani Quotes Category: Liberty Quotes
"There are too many people in the world who are claiming they are defending the president without the family's knowledge and we don't know who authorized them."
Author: Alani Quotes Category: Knowledge Quotes

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