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Braden Looper Quotes

6 Braden Looper quotes:

"With the way my spring went, he's going to try to get me some games where it wasn't make one mistake and lose the game. I can respect that. I can understand where he's coming from. Obviously it's frustrating. I want to pitch. I want the ball. But you can't blame them because I threw the ball (badly) this spring. I also have confidence in how I can throw, what I can do. I'm going to get into a game."
Author: Looper Quotes Category: Mistakes Quotes
"We should have won the game. I stunk it up."
Author: Looper Quotes Category: Game Quotes
"My job is, when we're winning the game in the ninth inning, to pitch the ninth inning and win the game. When we don't, it's my fault. Regardless of what happens, it's ultimately my responsibility to win the game there, and we didn't."
Author: Looper Quotes Category: Job Quotes
"What difference does it make? It's still my job to get them out. You've just got to keep going."
Author: Looper Quotes Category: Job Quotes
"It's just a more relaxed feeling. You can work hard and do your job, and you don't have the feeling that one bad outing could cost you your job."
Author: Looper Quotes Category: Job Quotes
"Just didn't get it put away. No excuse. It should have been over right there."
Author: Looper Quotes Category: Excuse Quotes

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