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Yulia Tymoshenko Quotes

10 Yulia Tymoshenko quotes:

"I believe God sometimes gives chances to some people. And I believe God gave me the chance to explain to people what is important and I am trying to use this."
Author: Tymoshenko Quotes Category: Believe Quotes
"Corruption is in the air. This is the air we had to breathe."
"I think these two teams will go their own way. ... Viktor Yushchenko and I will go to the elections on parallel paths,"
"The air we are breathing is corrupt. It's not the end of the Orange Revolution; it's the direct action of the Orange Revolution. A public cleansing of society is underway."
Author: Tymoshenko Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"There is not merely a chance, but a full certainty that we will win the parliamentary elections."
"Then the president left, practically breaking down our unity, our perspective, the future of the country,"
Author: Tymoshenko Quotes Category: Country Quotes
"We shall run independently ... We shall run as an independent and self-supporting force."
Author: Tymoshenko Quotes Category: Force Quotes
"The revolution is not yet finished. We must keep fighting to secure power!"
"They think they can destroy my authority and credibility with the people, their trust in me,"
"I ask the president: Has he any intention of forming a coalition with the Regions Party? I consider the absence of a reply silent endorsement of this union."
Author: Tymoshenko Quotes Category: Absence Quotes

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