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9 Josh Beckett quotes:

"I think experience means a little something, ... In [tough times], it's not easier, but it's easier to look back at something and say, 'Hey, I've had success in this situation before.'"
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"Everybody has new jokes. It's a fun time. I don't really know how to explain it. You get to play baseball for a living and get paid very well and you get to have a life. During the season you don't have a life because baseball is all day long. Here it's at the beginning of the day and then I can go play golf every day."
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"He can't even give me a week to enjoy my home run. He has to hit to a shot in the upper deck. He sure can steal the show, can't he?"
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"That was bull, hitting our first baseman after he hit a home run."
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"He does that after Carlos hits a home run. I'll just say this: You've got to be a little more careful in those situations. You reap what you sow."
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"Alex Gonzalez could have won the Gold Glove in the National League the last three years."
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"I haven't felt good for a while, ... I was pitching for a purpose. I think I did my job when I was hurt trying to get us in. We came up a little short."
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"I think I've always been prepared for this. I know what I have to do. You can't make rocket science out of it. You just have to execute pitches. Don't let exterior distractions in. It just takes away from what you're trying to do."
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"I can't worry about all the other stuff. I just have to execute my pitches."
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