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13 Josh Bernoff quotes:

"The advertising model is extremely simple and very attractive: you simply put your 30-second commercial in front of the video."
"The extension won't save the company, but the absence of it would have been really bad."
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"On-demand services are the future of entertainment delivery. CDs, DVDs, and any other forms of physical media will become obsolete."
"On-demand services are the future of entertainment delivery, ... CDs, DVDs, and any other forms of physical media will become obsolete."
"Even if somehow the company captured 10 percent of the market this year -- which would be an enormous feat -- it would still only be a $30 million business. The company will sell over $1 billion in CDs this year in its stores. Why is it doing this? It doesn't make sense."
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"How long he takes and how good a job he does determines the profitability of his company, ... I have three years of graduate study in mathematics at MIT, and I couldn't do that job."
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"Sites with upscale audiences, existing traffic, and access to content, including many TV networks, should add hundreds of videos to their sites and start selling ads now."
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"The future of media is in these niche markets. And as niches go, this one -- women -- is pretty big. NBC doesn't have any properties currently that address this group."
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"The right price has nothing to do with greed. It has to do with demand."
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"The cable operator almost has a responsibility to give you a tool to better figure out what to watch, now that it's given you all those choices."
"With major networks' video locked away in their own sites, portals must romance other video sources, including less aggressive cable networks."
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"It's still enabling technology that must be built into set-top boxes or consumer electronics devices."
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"Any strategy that gets a message to rise above the clutter is terrific from the advertiser's perspective. Even if it's not much of a secret, it's still a pretty good marketing idea."

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