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4 Hugh Kaufman quotes:

"The reason for the the absence of the government agencies, I believe, is because they are participating on a cover-up."
Author: Kaufman Quotes Category: Absence Quotes
"Official U.S. government policy in the Clinton administration is to grow food chain crops --the food supply of America -- on poison. And not to tell the public."
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"The danger is actually worse when the water goes away, because you have hazardous materials more concentrated in muck and dust. People will more readily come back, and will try to clean their homes or porches. And they'll have toxic dust they'll be sweeping around. And they'll inhale it and ingest it."
Author: Kaufman Quotes Category: Danger Quotes
"You're talking about a potential commitment almost to the level of the financial commitment we're putting into Iraq in terms of resources for evacuation, helping people rebuild, and remediation (of environment). This is a substantial hit that will hit both the taxpayers and the insurance companies."
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