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"It's a much better feeling (than last year) and my family won't have to get on my case anymore. Whenever you have a record like ours, teams come after you. It's like wearing a target on your back. It's going to be tough, but we're going to take it as it comes."
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"Ladies and Gentlemen, great things are about to happen. And I know I am excited about this opportunity."
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"It was shocking because his mother called me and told me he was in a terrible accident. I didn't know how bad. I got down there and found out he had these tremendous injuries, primarily to his foot, ankle and leg. That day was a sad day throughout the whole area."
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"Anything can happen. If you get your mind set that you want to be back here next year, you better take those steps one at a time. Don't try and jump from the first of the season to the state championship because it's a long way down."
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"We made mistakes in transition and weren't getting back, which made it look easy for them."
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"We're going to stay with what got us here. We're going with the basic principles of defend, rebound and run, and making sure our kids are not mentally and physically fatigued. This is the time of the year where kids are tired. You have to keep them focused."
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