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"Florida has always been a sleeping giant. Being in Florida they have a big advantage. This year they took Miami and Florida State to the woodshed. Meyer has put together a great staff."
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"It means Notre Dame is once again becoming a major force in college recruiting after a 10-year absence. They beat all the top national programs to get Young. He will be the anchor of the best class of incoming offensive linemen in the nation. He is very active and aggressive. He has all the ingredients to be a left tackle at a major program."
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"I was just impressed with the way they went about their business. They had their priorities set and they got them. For the first time, I think their out-of-state recruiting matched their in-state."
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"A lot of quarterbacks commit to a college and fall into a system rather than choosing a college that will develop their talent."
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"To high school, he was what Reggie Bush was to college ball this year."
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"He's a great athlete. He's the kind of guy that Iowa, who has a great coaching staff, can really get and turn around and make into a fantastic player."
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"He was the top cover corner coming out of high school. He was a certain first-round draft choice as a corner. He probably still will be in a couple of years if he stays at receiver."
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"Clausen is in a class with the best quarterbacks I have seen in 27 years -- with Jeff George, John Elway and Dan Marino. He is the best I've seen since [Florida's] Chris Leak three years ago."
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"There may be more guys leaving from that sophomore class. And that was a horrible class to begin with. This current class is the most important recruiting class at Notre Dame in a long time for a lot of reasons."
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"I absolutely applaud South Florida. Of course, only the superpowers can really do that and not get hurt."
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"Maybe one out of every five (does it right). That's about it. The rest of them listen to too many people and get the wrong advice and make decisions for the wrong reasons. Some kids end up making good decisions just by luck. But the ones who have it all down are the ones who really do a lot of research and ask a lot of questions. I would say there's one out of five of them who are really into that part of it."
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"He's not a polished product at quarterback, but with his arm he can make plays even if he's making mistakes. I think he has the strongest arm of any high school quarterback in the country."
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"I would go visit Virginia and miss players -- I wasn't aware until 5-6 years ago how good the talent was across the state,"
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"There's some really good talent in the western part of the state. Virginia Tech used to have its way over there until Al Groh got to Virginia. Now there is some really good battling going on for those players. It reminds me of Iowa and Iowa State. You see battles that you didn't see 5-10 years ago and it's really good for the state."
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