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"Sometimes I see my father in me,"
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"Paul never told me anything about why he wrote it -- he never mentioned his father and he never mentioned my father, ... He never put me in a position in which I would feel a lot of external pressure other than wanting my reaction to the script. That's the way I would do it. That's the way I know a real professional would do it. That's the proper to do it."
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"I think Morris has a fantastic zest for life. He's hit upon something, and that is this central question: 'I'm full of life now, but what do I see in the future? A slow, steady disintegration into paralysis. Do I go out while I'm on top, or do I want to hang around, inch by inch, watching myself decay and have my family watch me decay?' He approaches this subject with tremendous humor, and he's never depressing -- he's always way ahead of everybody else, and full of life. He's a fantastic character."
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"He sent the script over and I read it that first night, and about page 45 or 50, I called him up and said I'd do it. I didn't even finish it. You look for a part that you can score in. If I like this character and I can play it, the people are going to laugh or be interested, that's what you look for. They send me things that I wonder why they would send to anybody."
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"For my money, Patrick McGoohan is the quintessential Columbo adversary."
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