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"Do you believe that the chief justice has the duty to influence the overall philosophical direction of the court through his personal leadership or through opinion-writing assignments or any other means?"
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"Despite cheap-shot attempts to suggest he is not supportive of campaign finance legislation, the fact is that Al Gore was there for reform from the time of McCain-Feingold and before, every single time."
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"My view, as of this moment, is that to dismiss this case would in appearance and in fact improperly 'short circuit' this trial,"
"It's the reality of a situation like this that when you have a large troop presence that it has the tendency to fuel the insurgency because they can make the incorrect and unfair claim that somehow the United States is here to occupy this country, which of course is not true."
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"There can be debate about whether the law should be changed (but) the idea that the President can just make up a law, in violation of his oath of office, has to be answered."
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"It's an unusual step. It's a big step, but what the president did by consciously and intentionally violating the constitution and laws of this country with this illegal wiretapping has to be answered."
"The absence of any kind of timetable is not fair to our troops and their families. It's making the American people increasingly anxious. And it's hurting, not helping, our Iraq policy and our broader national security strategy."
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