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7 Jim Nicholson quotes:

"In the absence of evidence of fraud, we're not going to put our veterans through the anxiety of a widespread review of their disability claims,"
Author: Nicholson Quotes Category: Absence Quotes
"I asked him to consider very carefully before taking any action that could in any way help Al Gore or Bill Bradley extend the Clinton/Gore era another four years,"
Author: Nicholson Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"We came here because of our convictions and our commitment to freedom and liberty, and we're back here 144 years later just as committed to freedom and liberty as we were then,"
"[When Jim Nicholson was ambassador to the Holy See last year, he had a memorable conversation with a Polish archbishop, introduced to him as] Secretary of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. ... So what do you do?"
"have defined my life, shaped my abilities and my desire to serve."
Author: Nicholson Quotes Category: Desire Quotes
"I can assure you that VA does not need [additional funds] to continue to provide timely, quality service. . . ."
Author: Nicholson Quotes Category: Quality Quotes
"Most folks in Skaneateles don't get to stay for free in multimillion-dollar vacation estates; don't get to travel free on planes paid for by the taxpayers,"
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