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Dusty Baker Quotes

73 Dusty Baker quotes:

"You spend this many days with the guys here. You live and die with them. You hate to see them go. To the best of my knowledge right now, nobody is leaving unless somebody just makes you an offer you can't refuse. Right now, they're here."
Author: Baker Quotes Category: Hate Quotes
"It's nice to have him on our side. We used to hate for him to come up and hate for him to get on base [when he played for Colorado and Florida]. The thing about it is he works on his skills. He's one of the first guys here in the morning and one of the last guys to go in the evening. He's here almost beating the coaches. He comes to work on his bunting or lift or stretch or early hitting or something."
Author: Baker Quotes Category: Hate Quotes
"I think we match up with anybody because our pitching. In a short series you run your big three out there or four out there. That generally is what wins a series - pitching and defense. If we can catch the ball and not give away any runs like we do sometimes."
"This is judgement time for who is going to be here and who's going to be playing next year, too,"
Author: Baker Quotes Category: Judgement Quotes
"When I look at my score sheet and I look at theirs, I'm kind of outmanned, ... I've never been in that situation in September. It's just one of those years, I guess."
Author: Baker Quotes Category: Kindness Quotes
"He's healthy. Sometimes he's not swinging well and other times he runs into some hard luck. It's a combination. I can see him getting frustrated. He needs one or two days and he'll get rolling."
Author: Baker Quotes Category: Luck Quotes
"I had to talk to one of my players, because we needed some luck. I talked to the luckiest guy I know on Earth --Kirk 'Woody' Rueter. I called Woody and said, 'Woody, I need some of the Woody luck.' He said he sent it to us."
Author: Baker Quotes Category: Luck Quotes
"It embarrassed me into learning how to get the signs,"
Author: Baker Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"The problems starts when he throws a number of pitches. As long as we minimize his pitches, he says he feels great."
Author: Baker Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"It's a great problem to have [too many]. You can never have enough quality arms. You never know when somebody else might want one of your surplus arms. That could help your team out. Everybody is looking for good arms."
Author: Baker Quotes Category: Quality Quotes
"It's the same with pitching. You talk to Greg Maddux and I'm sure he has a game plan, but he also sometimes can feel when a guy is looking inside or if a guy is looking for something else or it depends on which pitch he takes and how he takes it. Some guys get it early, some guys get it late, some guys never get it."
Author: Baker Quotes Category: Game Quotes
"He didn't want to come out of the game. He said he was OK, but they all say they're OK. I don't know how he is, we'll talk to the doctors and go from there."
Author: Baker Quotes Category: Game Quotes
"He doesn't fool around out there, does he? He gets the ball and throws it. This guy learned how to put different pressure points on the ball to make the ball move. This guy is the best I've ever seen."
"He is making progress. He hit on the field so that's a big improvement right there, so will keep our fingers crossed."
Author: Baker Quotes Category: Improvement Quotes
"It's more of an honor system. I'd be the first one to admit it. But if they're young and they're drinking, they're done anyway. You can tell."
Author: Baker Quotes Category: Honor Quotes
"Everyone has a budget, I don't care who you are. But they said if we are in a pennant race in the middle of the summer they are going to get some help with added payroll."
"So I let them be responsible for there particular areas. Then by the time it gets to me that means that there is a problem. I have my eyes open and I need to know something about every department but you don't want to micro manage any particular department."
"They police themselves, but they don't police themselves the way we used to police ourselves."
Author: Baker Quotes Category: Police Quotes
"We couldn't get the ball down today. The ball was up and the location wasn't where he wanted it. Power hitters -- when you get the ball up and over the heart of the plate -- you're going to get hurt."
Author: Baker Quotes Category: Power Quotes
"[Prior] said he's feeling better. He had his physical therapist here and wasn't feeling the pain that he was feeling before."
Author: Baker Quotes Category: Pain Quotes

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