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"Both conversations were substantive. He talked through the issues with both of the leaders and encouraged them to stay at it until they work through these differences."
"The president has been very deeply involved in this. He's talked to the leaders dozens of times and believes strongly that we are at a historic point where we have an opportunity for peace."
"You're talking about a plan that will likely mean deep cuts in the Social Security guaranteed benefits, and is based on the fact that he hopes that the stock market does well."
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"There are times when no matter what you do it seems to blow up in your face, whether it's self-inflicted or inflicted from the outside."
Author: Lockhart Quotes Category: Self Quotes
"The White House has not been informed of anyone planning to leave,"
Author: Lockhart Quotes Category: Planning Quotes
"They exchanged a few words. It was nothing substantive."
Author: Lockhart Quotes Category: Words Quotes
"While those words may be reassuring, ultimately we need more than words."
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"It was all of their work. It was their legal analysis and their tax analysis that formed the foundation of the pardon. So ... it is incorrect to say that they were part of the pardon application. That was something that [Rich attorney] Jack Quinn did. But it was all of their work that persuaded the president that he ought to grant the pardon."
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"You can spend way too much time talking about things like optimism, pessimism, what your hopes are,"
Author: Lockhart Quotes Category: Optimism Quotes

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