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"The reality is that Britain has one of the lowest rates of sick absence in Europe and sickness rates have been coming down for the last 10 years,"
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"By accepting flexible work requests from their female employees but not from their male staff, employers are helping reinforce the gender pay gap, when instead they could be enabling young dads to play a more active role in the raising of their children."
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"We already have huge incentives to save for retirement, but they are not working,"
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"We don't want to turn into a nation of clock watchers. Most people enjoy their jobs, and don't mind putting in extra effort when there's a rush or in an emergency, but that easily turns into the long hours culture of extra hours every week."
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"The reforms should recognize that employer prejudice is a key obstacle in the way of many claimants moving back to work."
"The public wants a ban, the health arguments are overwhelming and all that is holding government back seems to be a reluctance to say no to business lobbying or risk being called nannies,"
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"This is a major victory for the simple union principle that people at work should not have to breathe in toxins."
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