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11 Tariq Aziz quotes:

"The United States knows well that if wages an aggression on Iraq, then its interests in the Arab world will be threatened by the Arab people, not the regimes,"
Author: Aziz Quotes Category: Aggression Quotes
"The moment America and Britain launched missiles against Iraq they killed UNSCOM,"
Author: Aziz Quotes Category: America Quotes
"The outlaw here is America, not Iraq,"
Author: Aziz Quotes Category: America Quotes
"available as long as it is necessary for the Iraqi authorities to continue this dialogue."
Author: Aziz Quotes Category: Authority Quotes
"If anybody can have a magic solution, so that all these issues are being dealt with together, equitably and reasonably, we are ready to find such a solution and we are ready to co-operate with the United Nations."
Author: Aziz Quotes Category: Magic Quotes
"President Mubarak assumes a role for himself which both Washington and London have not given to him, ... In reality there is no noble, fair and intelligent person in Egypt, in the Arab homeland or the whole world sharing Mr. Mubarak in his deduction."
Author: Aziz Quotes Category: Reality Quotes
"They are asking Iraq to provide more cooperation, and, OK, let them say that, you see, we are doing that,"
Author: Aziz Quotes Category: Cooperation Quotes
"The group's visit has verified Iraq's credibility and exposed the allegations of America and Britain and their elements in the U.N. Special Commission [in charge of dismantling Iraq's weapons of mass destruction],"
Author: Aziz Quotes Category: America Quotes
"Many, many honest women and men in the world do not believe the lies which are being fabricated in Washington and London and this is a very important international development,"
"If there is a solution which maintains Iraq's sovereignty, dignity and legitimate rights and prevents aggression, we are ready,"
Author: Aziz Quotes Category: Aggression Quotes
"These people have witnessed the implementation of the so-called oil-for-food program, and they have also witnessed the obstacles that are being placed in New York by the United States and the British,"
Author: Aziz Quotes Category: Food Quotes

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