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"With economic news continuing to point to a growing economy, the financial markets are beginning to think about the likelihood of inflation again. Not only that, but jobs creation, retail sales, and consumer prices jumped in March which buoyed market speculation that the Federal Reserve Board will raise rates sooner than expected. Add all that to the mix and mortgage rates were bound to rise this week."
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"Mortgage rates were largely unchanged this week, amid a sobering December jobs report and growing tensions in the (Middle East) and the Korean peninsula. Disappointing retail sales, a struggling manufacturing sector, and mild business investment are all holding mortgage rates in the six-percent range."
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"Las Vegas generally runs above the national average in investor and second-home purchase activity. It's beginning to raise flags."
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"Long-term bond yields dropped leading up to Federal Reserve Chairman Greenspan's testimony to Congress over speculation of what he may say about deflation and over the possibility of the Federal Reserve buying long-term Treasury bonds to fight it,"
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"Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan told Congress that he's optimistic that the economy will take off in the second half of this year. In response, bond yields rose dramatically, taking mortgage rates up with them."
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"However, as mortgage rates begin to trend upward we expect the rate of house price appreciation to begin to slow to perhaps seven or eight percent nationally this year."
"Consumer confidence slipped in February to the lowest reading in three months, but manufacturing activity appears to have strengthened last month. On net, the latest economic news had little effect on mortgage rates this week. Over the past five weeks, mortgage rates have remained within a narrow range of 0.1 percentage points around this week's averages. Our forecast calls for rates on 30-year fixed-rate mortgages to increase about one-quarter of a percentage point by the end of the year."
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"If Friday's Producer Price Index results and next week's Consumer Price Index results confirm that inflation remains under control, then we may even see mortgage rates go a little lower."
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"The market interpreted recently released retail sales figures as a sign that the economy may now be recovering faster than originally thought, bringing fear of inflation back into the picture, ... But the good news is that April's Consumer Price Index (CPI), which came out [Wednesday], indicates inflation remains under control. This should help keep mortgage rates stable for the foreseeable future."
"What will happen in Las Vegas? It's hard to say. The entertainment industry has been very strong and you've got large immigration and employment growth, well above the national average. So you have an increase in house prices, but it's related to the influx of new residents and job growth. But certainly that's a market that you should use some caution in the coming years."
"The average loan-to-value ratio after refinancing is still 70 percent."
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"Low mortgage rates and strong house appreciation boosted new and existing home sales as well as refinance activity (in 2001), leading to what was surely a record-breaking year for housing, ... Coming into the new year, there are some signs that the recession may have already run its course but no indications that inflation looms on the horizon. Thus mortgage rates remained almost unchanged this week."
"Lack of uncertainty around the Iraq conflict caused bond market yields to reverse their downward spiral of recent weeks and mortgage rates followed in tandem. But there are other uncertainties about the length of the conflict and its impact on the economy that will influence mortgage rates in the weeks to come, so this rise in rates may be only temporary."
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"Over the past few weeks, financial markets have been gearing up for greater growth in the economy, which ultimately leads to higher inflation rates. As a result, mortgage rates increased for the second time this week."
"Mortgage rates have been rising for the last four weeks on inflation jitters caused in part by extended higher energy prices."
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"That acceleration of growth, coupled with the specter of higher energy costs, will translate into higher long-term mortgage rates in the coming months."
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"November's employment report was a letdown, and it brought mild disappointment to the financial markets, causing mortgage rates to recede. The lack of any job growth stalls the economic recovery and, in the long run, dampens the potential growth of the housing industry."
"The current housing market continues to show a great deal of strength,"
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"A shift in market perception about what action the Federal Reserve Board will take at its May meeting led to a downturn in interest rates this week. Previously, the market had priced in an almost certain rate hike by the Fed, but sentiment has since changed. Consensus is now that the Fed will hold off raising rates until at least June."
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"With the conflict in Iraq seemingly under control, the financial markets have shifted focus back onto the economy. Freddie Mac's most recent economic forecast recognizes that the first half of the year may be slower than originally thought, but that the second half will begin to pick up."
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