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5 Alan Etter quotes:

"The space heater was running, but the wiring failed, shorted and caught the material on fire."
Author: Etter Quotes Category: Fire Quotes
"There was a great volume of fire in the third-floor apartment."
Author: Etter Quotes Category: Fire Quotes
"Fire investigators will go in after it's determined safe to go in. And it may be that they never go in to investigate. We've had situations like this before where the building is so unsafe that we're not going to put a fire investigator in there to get hurt."
Author: Etter Quotes Category: Fire Quotes
"We do have a struggle when historic preservation is involved."
Author: Etter Quotes Category: Struggle Quotes
"A space heater was being used in an apartment on the second floor. Because of the conditions, what we would call quite cluttered, in that apartment -- there were a lot of paper, materials, fabric -- that provided the fire a lot of fuel to burn."
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