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11 Brian Collins quotes:

"Joe is the gold standard in the design business."
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"They are good on-ball defenders, but once you get past that first line of defense they have seven-footers down there waiting on you. It's a big difference when you're playing on this level compared to playing in a mid-major conference like the Atlantic Sun."
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"In a game like that with the perimeter shooting not being there, the guys really took the offense and worked it down low. Down low it had to be done, and they did it."
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"It's a fun process to watch because we know how the final chapter ends. It's fun to watch people go through that self-realization that they can do this."
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"[A SHOT OF FUN. Industry observers are enthralled by the possibilities generated by Mirage's motion box.] Anything that's going to bring delight, surprise, and engagement, and is delivered with taste and imagination, is great, ... I would embrace it in a second."
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"The goals of the pandemic influenza plan are to identify local city organizations, operational concepts, responsibilities and procedures to accomplish a coordinated public health and medical services response to a pandemic event."
Author: Collins Quotes Category: Goals Quotes
"It was all heart tonight. It was a gut-check and they came through."
Author: Collins Quotes Category: Heart Quotes
"We are excited to provide this great real estate opportunity. We have had tremendous response so far and we look forward to working with other individuals that are looking to own a vacation home in the Caribbean."
"We had some wide-open looks in the first half, but nothing was falling down. The perimeter game just wasn't there."
"I'm relieved that he's living, Disappointed that he's convicted."
Author: Collins Quotes Category: Living Quotes
"It's kind of like pounding knowledge into their heads. We helped them with reaction and buzzer skills. We tried to work out their hesitation, which I think kept them relaxed (during the first match)."
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