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Brian Boucher Quotes

7 Brian Boucher quotes:

"They're playing a percentage game,"
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"It gives the pilot a whole lot more information about whether to land or not. It's something better than what they have south of the border."
"I think it's because as a golfer, you always feel you can get better. That's what makes golf so unique. No one ever perfects (his or her) game. There's always some part that you feel needs improvement and can't wait to work on."
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"I certainly don't want to live in the past, ... It wasn't a happy time for me, but things are going well right now and I just want to keep playing well. I'm happy that I'm getting a chance to play and be a part of it."
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"It stinks. Personally, it's embarrassing. I take a lot of responsibility for what happened. When a team scores four goals it should win the hockey game."
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"I went 85 games without a shutout and now I've got four in a row, ... I'm just trying to enjoy it. The attention is nice, but the fact that we're winning games is really nice, too."
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"I'm just trying to go out there and stop the puck. ... Sometimes things just happen instinctively; you don't really think about the game. I think that's when you play your best, when you're not thinking out there. Things have gone well. I can't explain why, but you can see the team is really starting to play well now and that's really nice to see."
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