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Linley Gwennap Quotes

4 Linley Gwennap quotes:

"The chip definitely looks good from a power standpoint. But will they be the low-power leader? It is hard to say."
Author: Gwennap Quotes Category: Power Quotes
"The software guys haven't been shooting high enough. But as the performance available becomes higher, someone out there will be smart enough to take advantage of it. Of course, if they're not Microsoft, that could be tough."
"If Intel had delivered these two chips on time, it would have really opened up a performance gap with AMD's K6-2."
"At some point the sales of non-PC computing devices are going to exceed those of PCs, at least in terms of units, and no way is Intel going to have the kind of market dominance it has in the PC market--there are just so many different types of devices, standards, and vendors."
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