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Brandon Heath Quotes

3 Brandon Heath quotes:

"I was still tossing and turning [in my sleep]. I didn't even want to come into the office. I had it on paper, but everything that was good about West Virginia was still popping in my head."
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"It's all about believing in yourself, in knowing that the second you get fouled on a shot, it means two automatic points from the line. There are technical things (Camara) can do to get better – relax, take a deep breath before shooting, how he holds the ball, how he releases it – but it's up to him to get in the gym and put up hundreds of them. It's the only way you get better."
Author: Heath Quotes Category: Believe Quotes
"Our team did a great job of going after the 50-50 balls. And once we got control of the ball, our team was very unselfish. John Sharper had a look at the basket, but instead he passed up that shot and made an extra pass because I had a better look."

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