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"He just loves everything about high school. At football games you'll see him up in the stands wearing the red and blue Spandex, with a golf visor on and wearing flip flops."
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"I challenged Roman at halftime. I reminded him that Armon and Darryl were his friends and that they were beating him again. Roman is the kind of kid who responds well to challenges."
"It was nothing we did as coaches. I have great kids on this team. They just came out and played hard and shot the ball well."
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"Everyone tries to double him, but he still gets 25 points a night. We knew he was going to get his, but we didn't want Crook and Hill knocking down threes on us. We did the job on everyone else. Babbitt got a lot of points, but Brian made it tough and he had to work for it."
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"(Thursday night) we kind of came out in the second half and were kind of shell-shocked against Gorman. It was like we were thinking, 'We're not supposed to be winning this game. What do we do now?' We kind of shut down a little bit. But (Friday night) we came out and stayed aggressive and attacked them."
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"That kid put on a display last night, the Perkins kid. And the other kid (McGill) put on a show against Hug. If they would have shot like that tonight, we would have been in big trouble."
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"I was a sophomore in high school when (South Tahoe) won in 1992. This is big. This is a big deal."
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