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"[While the enrollment of all local schools are being affected, Johnson, the athletic director, and others wasted no time in letting the right people know that anyone with identification as a Louisiana or Mississippi resident would be admitted to LRSD games for free.] This started with Jay Pickering at Central inviting people from Barton Coliseum to the Tiger cookout last Friday, ... We ran into some logistical problems getting them home, but Laidlaw stepped up and sent two buses to Barton Coliseum last Friday and picked up a bunch of kids and took them to Centrals football game."
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"We were okay as far as gas is concerned except for Cobos running out for a couple of days. Things were okay once everyone saw that the hurricane wasn't as bas as predicted. Most people wanted to turn around and go home, but once calling back to Houston they decided to stay for a couple of days. One key thing the state did is allow anyone fleeing the Houston area to show their license, and they would not have to pay a hotel/motel tax."
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"Because every now and then the truth leaks out."
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"As long as it's an elective, I don't have a problem with it. But you can't demand people attend it."
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"All of a sudden it affects one of their own and they listen to him because he has power."
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