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Peter Hain Quotes

7 Peter Hain quotes:

"Those responsible must be brought to justice. I will support the police in any action they take to do that and in the meantime I think everybody from unionist communities will be absolutely appalled at the way paramilitary groups are really acting in a gangster type way."
Author: Hain Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"the collapse in external and internal confidence would lead to a more serious situation."
Author: Hain Quotes Category: Confidence Quotes
"Freedom of the press is a basic principle of international human rights, ... I urge the Liberian government to drop all charges and release the journalists immediately."
Author: Hain Quotes Category: Freedom Quotes
"We have had a British police team out there investigating the situation with the Saudi authorities."
Author: Hain Quotes Category: Police Quotes
"I can't imagine anybody wanting to stand against him because it is quite likely they would face a crushing defeat."
Author: Hain Quotes Category: Defeat Quotes
"The closeness of our friendship meant we could understand what needed to be done in a way other countries would not have done so,"
"I was horrified at the evidence I have been shown of the severity of the attacks on police officers,"
Author: Hain Quotes Category: Police Quotes

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