John Carter Quotes

5 John Carter quotes:

"It would cost a fortune to repair it."
Author: Carter Quotes Category: Fortune Quotes
"We're where we belong, in the heart of Detroit. And we're glad to be back where we've always been."
Author: Carter Quotes Category: Heart Quotes
"It's okay, but it gets trying sometimes."
Author: Carter Quotes Category: Trying Quotes
"If the County Board doesn't want to approve the money to continue, then it's over. Maybe Mr. Holloway has finally won."
Author: Carter Quotes Category: Money Quotes
"A good district attorney can indict a ham sandwich if he wants to, and Mr. Earle understands that, ... The accusations harm as much as the convictions. Because all you have right now is accusations, and we're having an interview on a national television show about accusations. So they're obviously harmful or it wouldn't be news."

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