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Andrew Neff Quotes

10 Andrew Neff quotes:

"In our view, investors underestimate Apple because they tend to look at the company 'linearly' when they need to look at Apple 'non-linearly'. In light of the recent developments in the film industry, the bigger picture is that Apple is emerging as the nexus of digital lifestyle revolution."
Author: Neff Quotes Category: Company Quotes
"Our expectation is that we are looking at upcoming good quarters for IBM."
Author: Neff Quotes Category: Expectation Quotes
"While both companies, EMC and Sun, are leaders...a slowdown in corporate information-technology spending can impact both companies' financial performance -- gravity is bound to take over."
Author: Neff Quotes Category: Information Quotes
"We're seeing alliances, not mergers, among leaders, which reflects clearer thinking about what is good."
"We continue to view the stock pullback as a buying opportunity, with Apple's price-to-earnings at 17 times our calendar 2007 operating earnings-per-share estimate."
Author: Neff Quotes Category: Opportunity Quotes
"We believe Adaptec is not a compelling storage networking story at this point, as we think most of the value of ADPT shares lies in its software business."
Author: Neff Quotes Category: Value Quotes
"Our estimates reflect the strong demand trends for data storage products, increasing acceptance of the Network Attached Storage model, and the company's ability to execute with regard to expanding its market opportunity into new verticals, new applications."
Author: Neff Quotes Category: Acceptance Quotes
"There's a bigger agenda here. Tandem has been in the forefront in moving to clustering [combining smaller computers' processing power to act like a mainframe]. That's one area that Compaq, along with Microsoft and Intel, want to move into."
Author: Neff Quotes Category: Computers Quotes
"We are encouraged by the new product launches, which are timed in front of the back to school season. While a low-end product would have margins below Palm's corporate average of 39 percent, we have already incorporated this expectation into our revenue and margin assumptions."
Author: Neff Quotes Category: School Quotes
"Six of the seven last years, technology stocks have been weak around that time period. June, July has usually been around a bottom."
Author: Neff Quotes Category: Technology Quotes

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