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"With the accidents that have been happening on Blue Diamond, we've been talking with NDOT (Nevada Department of Transportation) on things we can do."
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"The last couple of accidents there (on Durango at Route 160), people ran stop signs. I find it hard to believe people aren't seeing those signs."
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"Initially, you don't need five lanes in each direction."
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"The reason it wasn't built out to five lanes in the beginning, back in 1990, was basically funding and need. There's probably no need at this point for five lanes in each direction. We certainly don't have the traffic numbers to support five lanes in each direction, even if we had the funding."
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"I'm a little set back. I had no idea they were looking at retirement. I thought it would stay around for many, many years kind of like the old B-52s did."
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"They can contact our traffic management division at 455-6100. We'd take their concerns and issues and put it on a list to study."
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"It's one of those things that has to be done. We'd ask people to give themselves extra travel time if they have to go in that particular area."
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